1. 'Mad Men' Creator Wrote In The Reading Room


    Photo by Joyce Culver for 92Y: Moderator Caryn James interviews Mad Men” actresses January Jones and Jessica Pare, along with “Mad Men” creator Matt Weiner.

    Before an amazing panel discussion about “Mad Men” at 92Y last night, Matt Weiner - the genius behind the hit AMC show - shared with the Library that he actually used our iconic Reading Room on 42nd Street to write an episode of “The Sopranos.” It was the 2004 episode “Sentimental Education,” during which Carmela has an affair. He even laughed out loud at something he wrote - who could blame him? He also mentioned that “Mad Men” often calls NYPL (mostly anonymously) to fact-check pieces of NYC history - for example, one of our reference experts remembers that the show once called to find out how New York taxis let folks know they were empty back in the 1960s (once mentioned in the New York Post). Keep the calls coming, Matt. We’re always happy to help! We’re mad for that show, after all (check out our Mad Men Reading List (s) by brilliant librarian Billy Parrott). 


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