1. Attention Moist Robots

    Human beings, Mr. Dennett said, quoting a favorite pop philosopher, Dilbert, are “moist robots.”

    “I’m a robot, and you’re a robot, but that doesn’t make us any less dignified or wonderful or lovable or responsible for our actions,” he said. “Why does our dignity depend on our being scientifically inexplicable?”

    - Daniel Dennett speaking with The New York Times 

    Attention moist robots: Daniel Dennett will be at LIVE from the NYPL next week with fellow philosopher Jim Holt talking about how we answer life’s most fundamental questions. 

    And, according to today’s Times (quoted above), Dennett isn’t just a fascinating philosopher, he also knows his way around a boat, too


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    "Moist robots" offers interesting fodder for discussions of nonhuman and created intelligence. If consciousness in...
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    He keeps getting mentioned in one of the books I’m reading!
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    "Moist Robots" is…weirdly perfect.
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    His views are so narrow it actually annoys me. He is trying to avoid skepticism and in his quest, he walked right into...
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    "Moist robot" is the most disgusting and wonderful term I’ve ever heard for people. But wait, if we’re moist robots,...
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