1. Yesterday was the grand reopening of our Stapleton branch on Staten Island! Several months ago while the building was under construction, this orphaned teddy bear was found outside the building and was brought to the library as its newest resident. However, he still needs a name! What should we name the library bear? We are taking suggestions!


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    Awww - looks like one of the Care Bears found its way into your library (even though he doesn’t have a belly badge). We...
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    Barry the Bear or Beary or Charlie
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    Literacy for libeary.My vote is Berlioz. One of my favorite childhood books was Jan Brett’s Berlioz the Bear.
  4. two-ells-two-tts said: Berlioz!
  5. raimusxczar said: Bear
  6. inateapot said: Paddington!
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    I like William Shakesbear. It made me giggle.
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    William Shakesbear? Gutenberg?
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  10. thebookbully said: Beary Shelley
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    Teddy Stapleton
  12. lesoiseauxnoirs said: Biblio Bear (as in Bibliotheque or Biblioteca)
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    Listen, this is cute as all-get-out, alright? And I have a soft spot for stuffed animals.