1. Honey Badger Don’t Care … But You Might

    Did you know that The New York Public Library has a photo of the honey badger in its collections? While we’re quite sure “honey badger don’t care,” we figured you might, so we’re trying to lighten up a slow Monday by sharing it. The honey badger - made famous by a hilarious viral video that Huffington Post dubbed “the best nature video of all time” - is also known as the Ratel, and it is featured on this cigarette card in our George Arents Collection. The card was published sometime between 1922 and 1939, and as you can see from the details printed on the back (shown below), the Ratel likes to eat honey, has loose skin, feasts on poisonous snakes, and is basically immune to bee stings. So the video is totally right! The honey badgers are just CRA-zy!