1. explore-blog:

    The New York Public Library releases Biblion: Frankenstein for iPad, exploring rare collections of Mary Shelley materials that continue to inspire ideas and storytelling today – a sequel to NYPL’s Biblion: World’s Fair.

    In case you haven’t seen this yet! 

  2. This video, part of the Biblion World’s Fair app available for download from iTunes, represents a story made from items available in The New York Public Library’s collections. In attempting to recreate the Democracity show—the central Theme Exhibit at the Fair—researchers from the Library uncovered draft versions of the show’s narration as well as lighting and music cues. Then, a team of animators blended photographs of the Perisphere’s interior and early Centerton models—taken from the Library’s online Digital Gallery—and re-mixed these images with new 3D animations, giving a sense of how the Fair’s visitors might have experienced “Tomorrow’s World in Miniature.” As a small chorus sings Still’s “Rising Tide” theme, Paul LeClerc, the tenth head of The New York Public Library, gives voice to the narration.

    If you want to re-mix your own version, check out these images on digitalgallery.nypl.org: 1684389, 1684119. 1684481, 1684179, 1683989, 1683967, 1683959, 1684003, 1683969, 1683981, 1683977, 1670281, 1683993, 1683987, 1684413, 1684613, 1684353.

  3. The New York Public Library released its very first iPad app this morning - Biblion: The Boundless Library, which highlights our very popular 1939-40 New York World’s Fair collection. Thousands of photos, internal documents and personal stories can be found in the app, as well as original essays to keep the info in context. The best part - the app captures the serendipitous experience of doing research in The Stacks. Read more about it here or here or here. Then download it right now - it’s free!