1. Resolutions R Us

    Managing debt and saving money are two of the most popular New Year’s resolutions according to the US Government and NYPL is here to help you stay on the road to financial stability in 2012.

    Just a few of the programs offered throughout the library include:

    Budget - Key to improving your financial security is setting a budget and having financial goals. Visit our branches and learn the basics of financial planning.

    Planning for Retirement - if you start early, you can retire in style and enjoy your golden years. Don’t put off today where you want to be tomorrow!

    College Planning - Whether you’ve started school or are considering a degree, our classes will help you pay your way.

    Debt - If your debt is worrisome and causing you anxiety, visit the Science, Industry, and Business Library for credit crisis counseling, where a sensitive, expert adviser will arm you with the knowledge you need to pay down your debt.

    Questions - Whatever your questions or concerns, the Library hosts free hourly sessions with financial advisers to manage your money and keep you in the green.

    … and there’s so much more! Click here to review all the programs we have to offer and enjoy 2012!