1. Did you know NYPL is doing Google+ hangouts and any of you guys can participate? Check out our first one - a discussion of Gillian Flynn’s hit thriller Gone GirlThe discussion was mentioned in an interesting Fast Company article about the Google+ platform, so while you’re at it, read that, too. And then follow us on Google+ (and on Twitter, and on Facebook, and on Pinterest)!

  2. NYPL at BEA

    If you are at BEA this morning, swing by for “Building a Social Library,” our panel discussion at 10:30 am in 1E09.

    Here’s more:

    Take a look deep inside The New York Public Library, the most recognized social media library, and how they have built their extensive community and serve their readers.

    As collections increasingly turn digital and eBooks become ubiquitous, libraries are also changing how they connect with patrons. The New York Public Library, one of the largest in the United States, has become the number one public library in the world in social media, leveraging staff and social tools to connect hundreds of thousands of users with its collections and services.

    This educational session will transform their secrets of social media success into easy to understand campaign tactics that will benefit marketing plans for libraries, publishers, booksellers and authors too!

  3. theatlantic:

    Dead Authors on Twitter

    Twitter was founded just five years ago, meaning generations of legendary writers missed out on the chance to broadcast their witty thoughts to the world in 140 characters. What would Flannery O’Connor have sounded like if she’d had a Twitter feed? Or Charles Dickens? Or Shakespeare? The writers themselves may no longer be with us, but clever fans are impersonating them on Twitter, imagining what the scribes would have said if they’d had access to the microblogging service. Here are the best dead author Twitter accounts we could find.

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