1. Tickets to LIVE from the NYPL's event Exploring The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records sold out…well, if you’ll excuse the pun, in record time. If you weren’t one of the lucky few to snag tickets, you’re still in luck: we’ll be LIVEstreaming (another pun, sorry) the entire program tonight on our YouTube page (link above). Tune in at 7pm sharp to hear Jack White, Dean and Scott Blackwood, Daphne A. Brooks, and Greil Marcus talk about how this Wisconsin chair company managed to build one of the greatest musical rosters ever assembled in just 15 years. 

  2. You may have heard about this already (it has been all over the press - check out this piece, for example), but for the last two days our Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center has held a massive record sale, selling doubles and triples of records in our vinyl collection to make room for new acquisitions (and earn a little money for the library - no doubt, a good cause). Altogether, 22,000 records are being sold, and it has been PACKED. Today is the last day of the sale, so if you want to find a deal or a gem, better get there early - supplies are, of course, limited. For more info on the sale, follow its official Tumblr.

  3. RIP Doc Watson. Listen to the great folk musician on vinyl at the Library for the Performing Arts →